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ADELAIDE, NOVEMBER 19TH AND 20TH 2016 (Registration is closed)

All the plans have finally come together! For all those wondering, The Australian ” Advanced Induction System Tuning” Seminar will be held at the Adelaide Royal Coach Inn on November 19th and 20th. We have secured a venue for 50 people. We have 50 people booked in. The new CFD modeling by Jim Maynard is coming along nicely as you can see form the picture above. Jim has gone out of his way to help in this presentation and I can’t thank him enough! We have been able to make demonstration models showing the air speed problems, what they look like, how we measure them on the bench and more importantly, how to fix them! I have expanded this presentation immensely and can’t wait to show everyone in Australia!

If you have any questions please look over the information at




Registration is now closed and the seminar is fully booked.

Books and other materials will be shipped out one month prior to the Seminar.

If attendees have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email.